Our Story

How It Started

PurePali started in 2018 in Brooklyn, New York. After years of working on unfulfilling graphic design projects for multiple clients I eventually found myself going back to my roots and making designs representing Palestine (something I loved doing as a child). Me, my older brother and sisters all spent five incredible years of our lives residing in our hometown of Beit Iksa, Palestine. For that reason, doing this was not just special to me, it was me. In the process of working on one of these pieces, something clicked. I texted a picture of the design to my brother with the following words: ‘Wouldn’t this look sick on a shirt?’. From that moment forward, we embarked on a journey to introduce PurePali to the world. 

 Starting a clothing brand was a lot harder than I expected. To be completely honest, choosing the PurePali logo kept me up more nights than I'd like to admit. Countless nights of work and research went into finding the perfect shirt materials and the best printing process. Of course, as a designer, finalizing and perfecting each design to make them the best they could be was the main goal for me. This passion for design and function is seen in our entire system, whether it be our clothing or our website. When purchasing a PurePali product we want you to love the entire process - from seamlessly placing your order to wearing our comfortable clothing.  With all that being said, I am thankful for the love and support from my family, friends and community. I look forward to learning, building, and spreading our message to the world.

Our Mission

PurePali is a brand that is focused on creating high quality apparel that displays your Palestinian identity & solidarity through vivid & modern design. A portion of our profits are donated to the PCRF to help provide life-saving medical treatment to thousands of children in Palestine and around the Middle East. 

Another Palestine Brand?

Let’s address the camel in the room (sorry, we had to). No, we are not the first nor will we be the last Palestinian clothing brand. Truthfully, that excites us. Knowing there are multiple Palestinian-owned organizations who are able to make a living while giving back to Palestine fills our heart. There is no reason to place us into a competition against our brothers and sisters for the leading brand. This act of division is what plagues the Arab World. We should be encouraged to stand together rather than against one another. No matter who you choose to purchase from, be confident knowing that a portion of your purchase will be donated to charity. Love and unity, always.